Saturday May 20, 2017 ~ Falls Lake ~ Ledge Rock Wildlife Ramp

The best day weatherwise we’ve had this year for the Piedmont Bass Classics $10,000 Spring Team Bass Trail
Qualifier #6 at Falls Lake!  79 teams enjoyed the 67 degrees in the am and the 79 in the pm. Water temps averaged
about 74 degrees. Winds for the day were just light. Falls Lake again showed that it’s one of the best fisheries for
bass in North Carolina. Most bass have spawned out and are now relaxing and trying to get their strength back and
are hungry!! The water level was back real close to normal at 252!

Chad Emory and Stephen Lasher won the event weighing in 5 bass with an good total of 27.08 lbs. and also won the
Tournament Within a Tournament (TWT) and the 1st Place Big Fish Award (8.13 lbs.) for a total of $3,946 in
winnings !!!

1st Place Team…Emory (R)..Lasher (L)

Jay Garrard & Mark Herndon finally got a good check for the year by taking 2nd place with 5 fish weighing 26.19
lbs. and also took 2nd Place TWT to pocket $1,482. The 3rd Place team of Scottie Morris & Denny Long presented
5 bass weighing 24.16 lbs. and took home $632. Big Fish for the day was caught by the 1st Place team (above)
(8.13 lbs.) worth $1,078!! 2nd Place Big Fish was landed by the 5th Place team of Tim Penhollow & K.C. Choosakul
(6.97 lbs.) paying them $462!!!

259 fish were weighed in for a total of 816 pounds for an average of 3.15 lbs. each. Most of the fish were caught
flipping creature baits, casting Buzz Baits, Carolina rigs, ChatterBaits, Spinnerbaits and medium running
Crankbaits Numerous bass in the 6 lb. range were brought to the scales.

I want to thank all the anglers that participated and all our sponsors that support this trail. Our next tournament is
Saturday June 3rd, the 2017 Piedmont Bass Classics $10,000 Spring Team Bass Trail Final Qualifier #7 at Falls
Lake out of  Ledge Rock Wildlife Ramp. All the info can be found at this link: http://piedmontbassclassics.
Following that will be the Cashion Fishing Rods 2017 Spring Team Tournament Bass Trail Championship, June 10th
also  at Falls Lake out of  Ledge Rock Wildlife Ramp. This event will be for qualified teams only.
All the information on our tournaments can be found http://piedmontbassclassics.com/

Now here are the full results:

1st Place: Chad Emory & Stephen Lasher of Durham & Bahama…5 bass…27.08 lbs…$1,328
2nd Place: Jay Garrard & Mark Herndon of Durham & Bahama…5 bass…26.19 lbs…$822
3rd Place: Scottie Morris & Denny Long of Rougemont & Roxboro...5 bass…24.16 lbs…$632
4th Place: Bobby & David Matthews of Durham…5 bass…21.82 lbs…$568
5th Place: K.C. Choosakul & Tim Penhollow of Sanford & Mebane…5 bass…21.15 lbs…$506
6th Place: Todd Massey & Tim Parker of Chapel Hill & New Hill…5 bass…20.22 lbs…$443
7th Place: Tyler Faggart & Paul Owens of Raleigh…5 bass…19.92 lbs…$380
8th Place: Lee Williams & William Small…5 bass…19.59 lbs…$316
9th Place: Matt Harrison & Rock Goss Franklinton & Creedmoor…5 bass…19.25 lbs…$267
10th Place: Matt Dean & Kevin Farley of Clayton & East Bend...5 bass…18.96 lbs…$231
11th Place: Barney Compton & Dustin Turner of Leasburg…5 bass…18.52 lbs…$203
12th Place: Jonathan Jones & Bryson Peed of Oxford & Stem…5 bass…18.37 lbs…$170
13th Place: Jared Thaxton & Brad Crabtree of Creedmoor…5 bass…18.31 lbs…$133
14th Place: Scott Faulkner & David Wright of Lexington…5 bass…17.72 lbs…$123
15th Place: Wayne & Jerry Sheppard of Yanceyville & Hurdle Mills…5 bass…17.01 lbs…$110
16th Place: Mike Stephenson & Thanos Tsoumbos of Bahama & Oxford...5 bass…16.52 lbs…$100

1st Place Big Fish..1st Place Team above8.13 lbs…$1,078
2nd Place Big Fish..5th Place Team above…7.24 lbs…$462

1st Place TWT..1st Place Team above…27.08 lbs…$1,540

         2nd Place TWT..2nd Place Team above…26.70 lbs…$660