Palmore & Crisman Take 1st CATT Gaston Mar 29

We’re off and running with the 2014 CATT Gaston/Kerr Trail with 36 teams entering Saturday blasting off out of Eaton Ferry/Morning Star. All the Gaston/Kerr Qualifiers tournaments fall under the CATT GOLD format and as you can see the payback is awesome! We split up the BONUS $ and spread it around so make plans and come on out to see us. CATT pays back 100% of your entry with a portion deducted from each Qualifier going into the Final Fund. You can see all the money totals at the bottom of the results. As you can see 1st place took home almost $2,000.00 with the BONUS $ added in with 36 teams. If we have 60 teams 1st with the BONUS $ would be in the $3,000.00.

Also CATT offers these contingency programs….Skeeter Real Money, Triton Gold, Stratos 2x, Phoenix First Flight, Bass Cat Quest and Legend Advantage Awards.

The next Gaston/Kerr is April 26 on Gaston with the 3rd Qualifier the next day. Both require an entry fee as they are separate events. Both will launch out of Eaton Ferry. Make plans and come on out!

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Remember guys you have to enter 2 Gaston/Kerr Qualifiers as a team (both partners) to be eligible to enter the Gaston/Kerr 2-day Final May 24th at Lake Gaston with a 1st Place GUARANTEE of $3,500.00 …and by only entering 1 2014 NC CATT event you will be eligible to enter the 2014 CATT NC Championship on Kerr June 21. Last year we had 115 teams enter the Kerr event so make plans to come out. 1st Place last year at Kerr took home over $13,500.00!

JT Palmore & Bobby Crimson are the big winners this past Saturday at Lake Gaston! They weighed in a limit of bass weighing 19.90 lbs taking 1st Place & 1st Place BONUS $. They also weighed a 6.08 lb largemouth good enough to take 2nd BF. All total they took home $1,955.00!

Keith Joyce & Mark Robertson finished in 2nd with another solid limit at 19.81 lbs. They also claimed the 2nd BONUS $ pushing their total winnings up to $910.00.

3rdPlace and 3rd Place BONUS $ went to Ryan Harrell and Marty Bunch with 5 bass weighing 18.91 lbs. They collected a total of $530.00.

Out Gaston Point Winners from this past year, Chuck Murray and Randy Groves finished 4th with 5 bass weighing 18.72 lbs and also claimed a share of 4th Place BONUS $. They received $300.00.

Billy Bledsoe & Brian McDonald also weighed 18.72 lbs and finished 4th plus they weighed the BF of the day at 6.69 lbs. They took home a total of $545.00.

Reggie Norfleet and Scott Dupree earned $155.00 for their 6th Place finish with 18.59 lbs.

Last money paying place worth $125.00 went to Tim Wiltfong and Phil Bain with 16.77 lbs.

8th Place team with 15.67 lbs was Ray Cooke and Gene Woodard and they received 2 – $20 Gift Cards from Drugco.

Next up on the Gaston/Kerr schedule is April 26th on Lake Gaston launching out of Eaton Ferry

Brett Collins

Carolina Anglers Team Trail LLC