Lamar State Anglers Pocket $5,000 of Yamaha Power Pay

KENNESAW, Ga. – August 18, 2021 – Yamaha Power Pay put $5K in the hands of two college bass anglers from Lamar State College at the 2021 Carhartt® Bassmaster® College Series Championship presented by Bass Pro Shops®. Jack Tindell and Brett Fregia didn’t even have to place first to reap the reward. Their 12thplace finish earned them the Power Pay bonus on top of their Bassmaster College Series payout.


The Lamar State sophomores still have a couple years of school to finish before they graduate with degrees in Business (Tindell) and Process Operating & Instrumentation (Fregia), but they didn’t need college educations to know which outboard to trust on the college fishing tournament trail.


“I’ve been fishing out a Skeeter® boat with a Yamaha on the back my whole life,” Tindell said. “This particular 2021 Skeeter-Yamaha package I’ve been running since last fall and absolutely love it. There hasn’t been a single mechanical issue with my motor in over a year, and the Power Pay program gives me the chance to win bonus money. It’s a no brainer.”


Tindell and Fregia were quick to admit the clear St. Lawrence River, with its swift current and giant smallmouth, was a bit out of their comfort zone coming from East Texas. However, the talented young anglers adapted quickly and used a drop shot to catch 55-pounds of bass over the course of the three-day event.

Long runs in unfamiliar waters didn’t intimidate the Lamar State anglers, not only because they trusted the reliability of the Yamaha behind them, but also because Yamaha had talented service mechanic Dan Tucker on-site for this tournament.


Tindell may not have needed his services last week, but Tucker stayed late each night of the event working hard to get college anglers back on the water regardless of the brand of outboard they had on their boat.


“The support Yamaha gives us is second to none on the college fishing trails,” Tindell said with gratitude. “From making an amazing product, to showing up for us with a service crew, and then offering the Power Pay program – it really is humbling. Personally, I’ll never run anything but a Yamaha on the back of my boat.”


Power Pay supports numerous tournaments at the college and high school level. Just as the Lamar State anglers proved at the National Championship; you don’t have to win an event to be eligible for bonus payouts. You simply need to be the highest placing registered participant in a sanctioned event.


For a full list of Power Pay supported tournaments, to register your Yamaha Outboard, or to learn more about the popular contingency program visit or send an email to [email protected]