Keith Poche Sees the Roadmap to Victory with Fin-Nor Sunglasses

No fishing condition is too great for pro angler Keith Poche, with Fin-Nor technology in tow
Columbia S.C. (Mar 27, 2023) – With 27 pounds, 2 ounces through two qualifying days, Fin-Nor pro Keith Poche saw a clear path to victory and didn’t let up. Poche added a 16-pound, 4-ounce limit in the knockout round before a massive limit on the final day, weighing 19-pounds, 2 ounces, giving him the first Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour Victory of his career.

Today for Poche, everything was on the line, and he knew what he needed to do – use every tool in his tacklebox to pull off what only skill and perseverance can achieve. It was a cloudy day, visibility was mediocre, and only one pair of sunglasses would do the job. Fin-Nor Flybridge with silver mirrors, a perfect frame, and lens color engineered to give Keith Poche the edge he needed to see below the surface, spot his target, and bring glory home.

“When I look for a pair of sunglasses, I don’t want to worry one moment about my vision or discomfort on my face,” says Poche, Fin-Nor Pro. “I want to be able to see what’s in front of me clearly so that I can do my best on the water. Today I fished under cloud cover and foggy conditions, and never did my vision fail me. I was fishing some tricky areas on the Cherokee, and the polarization of my sunglasses cut through the glare like butter.”

Fin-Nor Flybridge is designed for elite angler performance – lightweight, comfortable, and provides maximum coverage for any weather condition. Fin-Nor silver mirror lenses are designed for full sun or cloudy days, provide excellent contrast for spotting structures and fish below the waterline, and are optimized for clarity with color-enhancing accuracy. Pro anglers like Poche know that when you’re pushing to get over the finish line, having high quality eyewear that combines style, fit, and performance is key.