Frabill WITNESS 30 LB Weigh Net

First of its kind net does it all for both freshwater and saltwater anglers

COLUMBIA, S.C. (June 30, 2022) – The Frabill WITNESS Weigh Net is the first all-in-one fish net, scale and ruler for fresh and saltwater anglers. With a built-in 30 lb scale, anglers can now quickly get the weight of a fish and release it without having to hang the fish on a handheld scale.

Designed to make a day on the lake hassle-free, the WITNESS Weigh Net is the innovative way to capture a fish’s weight, length and snap a quick photo before returning the fish safely back into the water. Simply scoop up any fish up to 30 lb and remove the hook. Turn on the scale and hold the net in a vertical position with the net portion down to record the quick weight of any catch.

The WITNESS Weigh Net features tangle-free Micro-Mesh netting and a flat bottom net making it safe for fish handling. The molded rubber grip with 48-inch handle is easy for anyone to use and features an integrated 30-inch ruler to measure your catch.

Key Features
• 30 lb digital scale
• 48” aluminum handle with molded rubber grip and integrated 30” ruler
• Tangle-free Micro-Mesh netting
• Flat bottom net to better protect the fish
• Meshguard hoop resists wear and prolongs the life of the net

MSRP: $149.99
Available: Fall 2022