Fishin’ Tip Friday – Mercury Pro Boyd Duckett

By Vance McCullough – AC Insider

“I’m gonna tell you about something that’s become a go-to for me,” shared Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour competitor and former Bassmaster Classic Champion Boyd Duckett. “It’s helped me tremendously. Now, this is nothing new, it’s a 4-inch Senko. Everybody’s seen them. Everybody has them. Everybody knows how good a Senko works when it comes to getting fish bites.

“But something I have learned, when fishing is tough – and if it is for you like it is for me, it’s a lot of the time and you’ve got to find a way to get a bite – they love a weightless Senko.

“I have started rigging it Texas rigged, not whacky rigged, and I’m pinching a split shot 30 inches above it like a finesse Carolina rig. It’s just enough weight to get it down to the bottom in 15 or 20 feet. What you’ve got is a weightless, weedless 4-inch Senko and bass can’t stand it.

“They’re gonna eat it,” insists Duckett.

“I can’t tell you how many times in tough tournaments, how many fish I’ve caught rigging it the way I just explained. It takes patience. I throw it on a spinning rod with 6lb line and I catch big ones on Guntersville when they’re on the ledges and they’re beat up and you can’t get bites. I’m catching 5-and-6-pound fish around all the other guys throwing jigs and big worms.

“This is an unbelievable technique. When fishing is tough you can still put big weight in the boat with a 4-inch Senko on a split shot rig.”