Duckett Adds Insights About new FLW Super Tournaments

There’s always a silver lining.

As COVID-19 has forced a shutdown and restructuring of many
American industries, bass tournament organizations have followed suit.
FLW recently announced that it shortened the remaining regular
season schedule from four tournaments to three along with changes in
locations and dates.

Likewise, Major League Fishing has suffered schedule interruptions and
a shortened season. In an effort to give all pros under the MLFFLW
umbrella a chance to fish more, gain more exposure and make more
money, FLW has extended invites for Major League Fishing pros to
participate in the three remaining FLW events – billed as ‘Super

Only FLW Pro Circuit anglers will gain points toward their Angler of the
Year title and the championship but MLF anglers have a shot at the
money and will gain exposure for their sponsors.
While touring pros are forced to start all over with travel planning, etc.,
there are some serious perks. Prize purses have been increased.
Benefits are brewing for anglers and fans alike when competition
resumes June 23 rd on Lake Chickamauga.

As fans, we get to see FOUR days of live internet coverage on now instead of the two days we were getting earlier
this year.

MLF owner/angler Boyd Duckett sees the positives, says he may jump
in and fish too.

“Being able to pick up these additional Super Tournaments, especially
with the additional money FLW’s putting into it, the first-place payout
went up some but that’s not the big deal. The big difference is through

the field – $10,000 to 100 th place, where it used to be $5,000, so if you
make the top 100 you get ten-grand. That’s solid.”

FLW has said that, based on a 200-angler field, first place will pay
$125,000 and contingency awards may swell the top prize to $160,000.
“We had a comparison that showed the previous FLW Pro Circuit
payout, next to this, and every single place is up substantially. It’s about
half-a-million more, per event, added to the payout. Half-a-million per
event. That’s a lot.”

While an infusion of money will be welcome, the addition of well-
known anglers will benefit everyone, especially young FLW pros who
will glow under the halo effect of competing against the sport’s top
names on television and other media platforms.

Duckett has high praise for the entire tournament industry. About
Bassmaster he said, “Phenomenal organization, great brand. I’m proud
of my years at B.A.S.S.,” as well he should be, having won the
Bassmaster Classic in Alabama to become the first angler to win a
Classic in his home state. He is also excited about the strength of
competition FLW will now offer viewers this summer. “Man, you put 30
or 40 of our guys in over there, it’ll be the biggest 5-fish-limit tour there

It’s uncertain as to how many MLF pros will fish FLW this year. One
high-profile angler told that he will not participate
but knows several friends who are very excited about doing so. Duckett
is thinking of what could be, “Hey, I tell you, there’s a bunch of the guys
(MLF pros) who want to fish (FLW Pro Circuit) next year, just want to
fish two circuits like we did in the old days when we fished B.A.S.S. and
FLW – that’s how we did it in the old days.”

But even Duckett isn’t sure if the field will total 200 competitors this
summer. “I don’t know. It’s a great option that FLW has created for the
guys that can do it. I think most of the guys want to do it. A bunch of us
haven’t fished FLW or any 5-fish-limit tour in a while so it’s kind of
exciting to go back and fish it.”

Duckett is Co-Founder of MLF and, by extension, an owner of FLW after
the acquisition last year and, while he had an idea this might be
happening, he got the email with final details just a few days before the
deadline to commit, as did all the MLF anglers.

“This was not an MLF action. This was an FLW action. The FLW team
getting together and making it to where it was offered to Major League
Fishing guys, I thought, was cool as hell.”

So, what would motivate an MLF pro to jump in for a three-event run
on the FLW Pro Circuit? “Number one, you have the time,” noted
Duckett, “because this COVID year your season was shortened. Pro
anglers need to fish. That’s what they do for their sponsors and they
need to stay relevant every opportunity they get.

“Not only that, but I can tell you, for all the years I’ve fished, this is the
three highest-paid standard events I’ve ever fished.”

The Super Tournament Schedule:
June 23-26 – Lake Chickamauga in Dayton, Tenn.
July 29-Aug. 1 – Mississippi River in La Crosse, Wis.
Aug. 11-14 – Detroit River in Trenton, Mich.