DD26 Fishing Releases Two New Innovative Product Families A Cull System and Motor Support for the New Mercury Four-Stroke Engines Highlight Launch

Mesa, Ariz. – October 23, 2018– DD26 Fishing announces the release of two new product families, the Mean Mount and Bandit Families. The Bandit Family consists of a one of a kind Culling Beam called the “Bandit Beam” and a Cull Tag Kit called the “Cull Bandit.”  The second is the Mean Mount Series anchored by the most attractive and durable transom saver on the market.

The first DD26 Transom Savers to be released will be for the New Mercury Pro XS V8 Four-Stroke engine and the 2-Stroke Mercury Pro XS motors.  Along with the Transom Saver, DD26 Fishing introduces a new take on steering stabilizers with the Mean Mount Steering Locks that match the Transom Savers in appearance and durability.

Listening to the marketplace, and then exceeding the need with innovation and functionality is what DD26 Fishing does best.  Being the first to design a quality Motor Tote for the new Mercury Four-Stroke engines is an example of DD26 listening to what consumers want and engineering something unique and durable to tackle the demands of the application and of our loyal customers.

The DD26 Mean Mount Motor Tote Transom Saver and Steering Locks are unlike anything else on the market.  The Toter itself is more than robust.   The looks are amazing, sharp and color customizable, with the mass and bulk of a heavy weight champion.  Every once in a while, the market gets stagnant and we get used to products just because they are all that’s available.  The Mean Mount family is set to rejuvenate the stagnant steering locks and transom saver market, bringing the cool factor back to the function factor.

DD26 didn’t stop at the transom. The Bandit Beam may be the most dynamic Culling Beam ever made.  The details are edgy and flawless.  The three unique mounting options provide functionality to match the sharp looks. The Bandit Beam screams of quality right down to the custom Billet handle.  One of the more unique attributes of the Bandit Beam is the ability to match the color to your Steer Stops and your Transom Saver.  There are seven custom colors for you to choose from.

To make the system complete, the DD26 Cull Bandit Non-Puncture Culling System is a perfect complement to the Bandit Beam and made to work together to provide accurate culls and simplicity in use.  The tags are a joint venture with Cal Coast Fishing using their highly regarded Clip-n-Cull 2.0 as the basis of the system.  In addition to the great products, DD26 will also have a contingency program with the Cull Bandit Tags.  Find out more at www.dd26fishing.com/contingency.

All of the Mean Mount and Bandit Family products are available at www.dd26fishing.com, direct to consumer for the time being.  However, dealer programs are ready so retailers interested in carrying these unique products can visit www.dd26fishing.com/dealers for more details and to become a dealer.