Day Two practice on Okeechobee at FLW Open

Those of you that followed my blogs last year welcome back.  The new guys and gals out there, welcome.  This is my 3rd year fishing on the FLW trail, my second sporting the FrogTape Boat and Truck.  It has been a great pleasure to be sponsored by FrogTape and being able to promote the BEST painters tape on the market.

This was our second day of practice for the first FLW open on Okeechobee.  The weather has been perfect and the future forcast looks awesome.  The only thing is that someone forgot to tell the fish that, or atleast the big ones.  Fishing on Okeechobee can be very frustrating. Those of you that have been here can understand. Those who havn’t, well lets just say these fish are very tempermental to weather changes of all kinds.   Okeechobee bass are also all about location.  You can fish miles of the exact same type water. Same grass, same bottom, same clarity, temperature and you see and catch nothing. Then all of a sudden there  they are. The area of a swimming pool or if you are lucky the size of  football field.   They will be piled in there. Not sure why this is but thats Okeechobee. Thats the tuff part trying to find those sweet spots when everything looks the same.

The fish are biting its just that are all small, pound and pound and a halfers.  The big question on everyones mind is where are all the big ones.  You see empty beds every where, and today a lot of bucks moved up. But with the water temps hitting 70, you would think the sows would be ready to move in.  I have seen a few, but not the big wave you would think.  Its starting to look like maybe all the big ones have already done there thing. We have one more day of practice.  So check back in tomorrow and I will let you know what I find.

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