Butt’s Bass Buster’s, B.a.s.s Federated Club Summary On Lake Sinclair

After driving all night from the disappointing finish in the Bassmaster Open in Tavares, Florida, I made it to the ramp on Lake Sinclair.  I put a plan together and changed lures while waiting for everyone in the club to arrive.  Everyone was joking and telling me “you are not in Florida anymore, you better take that braid off”.  As it turns out, I ended up leaving it on and caught fish on it all day, even in the bad weather.  I went from crystal clear water to cold muddy water in about 7 hours.

I ended up winning this tournament, even though I don’t know how, with a whopping 8.05 pounds.  There are people in this club that have been fishing Lake Sinclair for 20 years plus and they are hard to beat.  Yes, I was shocked to have the winning weight.

I used a carolina rig in 12 to 18 feet of water at the mouth of creeks in standing timber.  I was using 65 pound braid and a 3 foot 17 pound momofilament leader with a Terry Bowden’s Cold Steel Walking Stick in black with blue flake, Texas rigged.  The fish couldn’t stand it.  I literally got bit on every cast to every other cast all day long.  I made the decision to go where I knew I could catch fish and it paid off.  Unlike the decision, I made in Florida the past two days.  Remember, Its all about the decisions you make!

With this win, It puts me in 3rd place in the points for AOY in the club and well on my way to the Top 6 tournament which rumor has it, it will be on Lake Lanier this year.  Below are the results from the Tournament:


1. Brad Sears   8.05 lbs.

2. Brad Gandee   7.64 lbs.

3. Danny Kitchens   6.94 lbs.

4. Russell Ludwig(Big Worm)   6.30 lbs.

5. Rod Mangham   6.09 lbs.

Believe & Succeed!

Until Next Time,

Brad Sears