Brandon Lester Gets Kinkee…… Baits

Innovative Spinnerbait Company Kinkee Baits Announces Partnership with Brandon Lester and Makes Its Debut at the Bassmaster Classic

CAPE CORAL, FL – March 14, 2018 – Kinkee Baits announced a partnership with professional angler Brandon Lester today. Kinkee Baits will unveil their lures for the first time at the Bassmaster Classic, where spinnerbaits are expected to play a role in a top-spot finish.

“I’d say every guy here has thrown a spinnerbait some this week.” Lester said. “It’s been a staple in the bass fishing world for a long time and really shines this time of year, especially during the pre-spawn. The awesome part about it is you can cover a ton of water, which makes it great for a tournament angler.”

Kinkee spinnerbaits are unique due to their revolutionary manufacturing process. This cutting-edge technology allows for an extremely thin wire on the blade arm. “The key deal with Kinkee Baits is the ultra-thin wire, it’s almost half the diameter of the thinnest wire on the market at .018. The only reason that’s possible is because of the unique wrapping process.  We’ve developed an exclusive process to wrap four different pieces of wire and then transition down to the .018 wire that hold the blade.  That’s the part of the bait that most impact vibration and flash,” said creator and President Rick Kovacs.

The thin wire and unique bait profile has some applications in the water that can be a serious game-changer, especially when one big bite can mean the difference between a check and going home empty-handed.

“Two main things attract fish to spinnerbaits, flash and vibration. The thin diameter wire on Kinkee spinnerbaits allows for maximum thump from the blade. This means it can call fish in from a greater distance and that I can throw willow blades in murky water that before would require a Colorado or Indiana blade.  Giving fish a look they haven’t seen before in those conditions is a big deal.”

Getting fish to hammer a bait is just half the battle, getting them in the boat is what wins a tournament check.

“The thin wire allows the blade to easily give on the hookset, while keeping the fish from having any leverage,” Lester mentioned. “The exclusive Mustad Titan X hook delivers maximum penetration and keeps them pegged all the way to the livewell.”

Tournament anglers and bait manufacturers are always looking for the next piece of cutting edge technology to keep them one step ahead of the competition. This new partnership could help keep Brandon Lester and Kinkee Baits at the top of the leaderboard this season.