Berkley® Adds a Trio of Frog Baits to its Legendary Lineup – ICAST 2020

COLUMBIA, S.C. (July 22, 2020) –Continuing its legacy of leadership in science and technology, Berkley is expanding its lineup of frog baits with the addition of three new baits that are sure to become a staple in any frog fisherman’s tackle box. The new lineup includes two new soft baits infused with the scientifically proven fish-catching PowerBait® formula – the Beat’n Paddle Frog and the Buzz’n Speed Toad, and one new unique bait, the Berkley Power Pop.

A creative spin on a familiar shape, the Berkley Power Pop combines the softness of a soft bait with the high buoyancy of a hard bait. Initially developed by Berkley scientists in Japan, the Power Pop is a super high flotation frog. Uniquely constructed from a durable, ultra low-density material to keep water out, the Power Pop is nearly impossible to sink in most situations. The wide-cupped mouth allows added surface disturbance and the recessed hook pocket keeps the bait weedless. The new Berkley Power Pop is available in 10 unique color designs and comes paired with the proven and popular Fusion19 EWG Hook.

“Frog fishing takes technique and patience and we wanted to emulate the movements and body of a frog as closely as possible with the new soft baits,” said Berkley Marketing Director Jake Dawson. “The PowerBait formula continues to deliver for anglers, and the addition of the new HD Tru color extensions and modifications to the bodies increase the bait’s ability to perform.”

The Berkley PowerBait Beat’n Paddle Frog is designed with paddle tail-style feet that make an easy-to-start rhythmic sound to which bass are immediately drawn. The all-new 3.9-inch ultra-real HD Tru colors make the ultimate frog fishing experience for any angler. The unique perpendicular hook point keepers protect single hook and double frog hook rigs to accommodate fishing around structure. The sturdy body allows for fishing in heavy cover and catching multiple fish per bait.

The 4.25 inch Berkley PowerBait Buzz’n Speed Toad features HD Tru colors, which amplify its lifelike qualities and allow the baits to replicate the look of frogs like the American Toad and Bull Frog. The natural profile delivers outstanding action, and when paired with a buzzbait or when rigged on an EWG hook, the belly slot has an extended leading edge that keeps the bait from sliding up the shank for even more consistent hook sets. Like the Beat’n Paddle Frog, the Buzz’n Speed Toad has a sturdy body able to catch multiple fish per bait.

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