Bassmaster Elite Series On West Point – Big Bags Surprise Many!

Four sacks over 20 pounds hit the scales this afternoon. So were the pros sandbagging when they predicted low weights at this week’s Bassmaster Pride of Georgia tourney? Not really.

When you put 99 good anglers on a lake, somebody usually catches them. Four sacks over 20 pounds is a bit stronger than most folks expected, but 50th place – the cut spot tomorrow – is occupied by Kevin Short with only 10 pounds, 10 ounces. In 12th right now is Bernie Schultz with 15-8. The top 12, after Saturday, will compete in Sunday’s final round for the top prize and an automatic berth into the 2012 Bassmaster Classic.

So the weights fall off outside the top few spots. Also, nobody seems to have located a single spot that is loaded with big fish. Even the leaders just junked around today and plan to do so tomorrow when they expect weights will settle a little closer to what West Point is known to produce.

Then again, nobody thought we’d see the sacks we saw today. So who knows?

Ed Evers resumed his red hot ways after a couple of sub-par outings in Alabama and Louisiana. He roped 22-4 and leads local favorite Steve Kenedy by an ounce.

Daivd Walker is exactly a pound behind Kenedy with 21-3 and Dustin Wilks is exactly a pound back of Walker with 20-3.

Bobby Lane holds the 5th spot with 18-14.