Back by Popular Demand


Daiwa hears the call from anglers and reintroduces the Double Clutch 95SP jerkbait

Cypress, CA (July 6, 2020) – Automotive enthusiasts understand what it means to double-clutch with a manual transmission. In simple terms, through ace footwork, you downshift to build RPMs and provide the engine power for an instant burst of speed. You could say Daiwa’s revived Double Clutch 95SP will be doing the same for hardcore fishing enthusiasts.

The 3 ¾ inch (95mm) freshwater threat is a proven producer for bass, walleyes, trout and monster panfish. Engineered and manufactured in Japan, the Daiwa Double Clutch 96SPsupplies intense action when cast or trolled. And when you put on the brakes, the lure instantly suspends, giving curious fish a chance to study its indisputably realistic baitfish profile.

Regarding the lure’s seductive shape, its thin hydrodynamic design with sliding weight transfer system yields exceptionally long and straight casts, diving from 4- to 6-feet, deeper yet when trolled. Daiwa recommends 10- or 15-lb. test J-Braid x8 braided line to maximize running depth and sensitivity, along with an 18- to 24-inch J-Fluoro fluorocarbon leader.

The Double Clutch 95SP’s hooks are equally as remarkable. Daiwa affixes a pair of #8 SaqSas treble hooks, which are heralded for their exceedingly smooth and sharp points.

The Daiwa Double Clutch 95SP is available in well-established colors, including Bone, Delta Smelt, Laser Wakasagi. And as the result of Daiwa’s imaginative Inner Paint Process (IP), the IP Pink, IP Ayu and IP Wakasagi patterns offer greater resistance to scratching, and an even more dynamic 3D appearance.

“Daiwa lure product manager, Satoshi Ito, brought the lure back due to popular demand,” said Marc Mills, Daiwa field test manager. “The Double Clutch 95P has consistently proven to catch more fish and get more strikes than almost any other jerkbait. We’re glad to see its return.”

MSRP $18.99. Now available.

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