Angler Charged is Alleged Cheating Scam in Kayak Fishing Tournament

Breaking News – Vance McCullough

Texas game wardens took a man into custody after a kayak bass tournament on Decker Lake.

He was charged with fraud in a bass tournament. Apparently, he cut the tail off his first fish and used it to ‘lengthen’ subsequent fish in subsequent photos during catch-photograph-release events wherein fish are judged by length, not weight.

He covered the joint between the two tails with his hand, a practice he is said to have engaged in during multiple tournaments over several years.

Suspicion had surfaced as other anglers examined his on-line photos over time and they often looked, well, not quite right. TPWD inspected his kayak and found a severed fish tail. The man initially denied wrong-doing, saying he found the tail in some reeds and was going to turn it in.

Um . . . what?

He later admitted guilt, adding that he had pulled this trick on multiple occasions.

Does the fish in this picture look a bit disproportioned?