HUK Adds Pro’s for 2020 Roster

Fishing Apparel Manufacturer Expands Presence in MLF, BASS, High School and Regional Tournaments

Charleston, SC (February 11, 2020)  – Huk, a leading manufacturer of performance fishing apparel, is expanding its presence in competitive freshwater fishing.  In concert with Huk’s values of making the best gear for all anglers, the brand has invested in adding team members from various professional and amateur tournament trails to supplement its current roster of bass fishing pros.

This year’s lineup of Huk pros include previous team members Ott DeFoe, Greg Hackney, Jacob Powrzonik, Clif Crochet, Brock Mosley, and Brad Knight.  Along with these veteran anglers, this year’s lineup of Huk pros includes top performers as well as up and comers from the Bassmaster Elite, MLF, and FLW Pro Circuits. Huk is extremely excited to add Bassmaster Elite anglers Drew Benton, Brandon Lester, Lee Livesay, Tyler Rivet, and Shane Lineberger in addition to FLW Pro Circuit anglers Tyler Stewart, Kyle Hall, and Jake Morris.  Bryan Thrift will be competing for Huk on the MLF circuit, and he is sure to be a huge threat there as he has been on the FLW Tour in the past.  Numerous other regional amateurs and high school anglers will be competing under the Huk name this year.  A few key regional additions include Jason Bonds, Chris Jones and Joe Uribe Jr, who compete regionally in FLW Series events as well as numerous team and individual events in their home states of Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona.

“This season’s team will be the most diversified group we’ve ever had, representing Huk across all the major tours as well as regional trails,” states Melinda Hays, Freshwater Community Manager for Huk. “We’re really proud of all the support and encouragement we’ve received from recreational and amateur anglers over the years.  We’re fired up to be able to help them achieve their competitive goals on all levels.”


In addition to the expansion of the team, Huk is also sponsoring numerous additional tournament trails in 2020.  Much like the new team anglers, these new trails represent Huk’s commitment to being a part of all anglers’ journeys.  At this time, the brand is the title sponsor of the Huk TTO Team Trail and the Huk Bassmaster Kayak Series.  Additional sponsorships include numerous regional high school series, youth trails and regional amateur events such as Sealy’s Big Bass Splash, the Southeast Texas High School Fishing Association tournaments and the Wild West Bass Trail.

“The amateur trails represent the vast majority of competitive anglers in this country, so it only makes sense to expand our 2020 team,” said Pete Angle, Chief Marketing Officer for Marolina, parent company of Huk and Nomad Hunting.  “Our next great bass fishing icons will likely come from the current generation of high school competitors, so supporting these relationships now and in the future aligns perfectly with Huk’s values of making the best gear for all anglers.”

Huk has plans to support additional tournament trails and add even more anglers to the team in 2020.  With an evolved product line for the spring/summer and fall collections, and an increased presence in the competitive world, there should be no shortage of exciting news coming from Huk this year.


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