Top Pro’s Introduce new “BassForce” App


DALLAS (JAN. 6, 2020) – A group of tournament bass fishing’s greatest minds have collaborated to introduce a powerful new app called BassForce, a virtual command center that interprets existing conditions to provide real time solutions to on-the-spot fishing scenarios.

Nine pro anglers representing nearly 200 years of tournament experience provide BassForce’s intellectual data bank of knowledge.
While BassForce’s technology is called artificial intelligence, there’s nothing artificial about the vast knowledge from which the application software pulls to benefit anglers of all skill levels.
The program’s more than a quarter million data points reflect the personal situational input strategies of nine of pro bass fishing’s finest: Jason Christie, Edwin Evers, Alton Jones, Aaron Martens, Brandon Palaniuk, Skeet Reese, Gerald Swindle, Kevin VanDam and Jacob Wheeler.

This BassForce team represents nearly 200 years of combined on-the-water experience, whose collective truckload of trophies from across the country speaks volumes about their proven abilities to quickly size-up waters to produce effective patterns for the conditions at hand.

“One constant in bass fishing is, it’s always changing,” said Alton Jones, the Texas-based longtime pro who spawned the development of the app out of his own frustrations. “For example, anyone who’s fished much has witnessed a strong bite evaporate in a blink of the eye. Was it because the bass got stubborn, simply turned off or moved altogether?

“Whatever the reason or challenge, it seems someone always makes the right adjustments to catch them and that’s what this app is all about. It’s kinda like having KVD, Christie and the other guys right there in the boat with you to coach through the big decisions,” he said.

BassForce’s technology provides a computer science approach to predicting the best solutions to the seemingly endless possible fishing combinations by matching the pros’ proven experiences for success to the specific conditions the app user is facing.

Screen prompts provide easy guidance through the app’s fact gathering process to arrive at pro recommendations for conditions.
“My most common questions at seminars are the ‘what if” kind,” explained Oklahoma pro Jason Christie. “What if the water is falling fast, or what if a cold front hits on tournament day, or what if the bass are striking short? And sometimes it’s the same thing I find myself wondering … what are the other guys doing right now to catch them? BassForce pulls from a wealth of knowledge to help deliver a lot of right answers.”
And BassForce is easy to use regardless of app experience. A series of prompts guide the way through the selections – including fish stage, water, cover and weather (current or forecasted weather for the location can be imported) conditions – based on what’s being experienced at the time. A summary view allows a quick check of entered information, and it all can be saved and named for later reference anytime with a single click.

Jones said BassForce is a tool that can get anglers in to a fish-catching zone quickly with what to do, right down to specific lure brands, models and colors to use. He cited a recent Lake Falcon (Texas) outing to make his point.

“I was fishing standing timber and catching a few quality bass on YUM soft plastics when I decided to see what the other BassForce pros had to offer.
“Aaron Martens recommended a flutter spoon, which surprised me for this setting and compelled me to try it. Sure enough, the spoon delivered right away and produced one of my biggest bass of the trip,” Jones said.

BassForce is available in two subscription options, either standard or premium. Standard provides access to one pro of choice, at a cost of $9.99 per month. A premium subscription gives total access to all nine BassForce pros, and costs $19.99 per month.

With the premium subscription, the user gets the Top 5 lure recommendations for each pro and also includes the Premium Match function. Premium Match shows the consensus lure choice among all of the BassForce pros, providing yet another way to get dialed in really fast on particular situations.

“No doubt BassForce shortens the learning curve for all bass anglers, and it can also definitely get a lot more of us thinking outside of the box,” offered Kevin VanDam. “I take great pride in learning something new every time I’m on the water, and many times it comes in the form of a lesson by what another pro did to catch them when I wasn’t … there’s no shame in learning. We’re constantly evolving, tweaking and changing our game plans because that’s the nature of our spo
On that note, both standard and premium BassForce subscribers have access to the app’s innovative Game Plan feature, which allows users to customize their fishing plans for the day according to pro input and available lure option information.

BassForce is available now to IOS devices, but also coming soon to Android. For more information about the app’s pros, features and technology, visit