DD26 Fishing Adds Spool Stix to its 2021 Stable of Products

Spool Stix can be mounted almost anywhere and allows you the ability to quickly spool up a reel without taking up space. The unit is the size of a pocket knife and minimizes clutter while providing easy access!

The revolutionary Spool Stix Line Winding System just got even better! Spool Stix makes it easier than ever to apply fishing line all by yourself. Constructed using a robust billet aluminum design, the system holds spools of line at a 30-degree angle, creating the perfect amount of pressure for compact spooling without over-run.

There are 3 methods for mounting your DD26 Fishing Spool Stix line winding system.

  • Find a relatively flat surface such as a locker lid, side of a console, or a wall etc. The first way to mount is by simply peel off the two way adhesive covering and firmly stick in place making sure it’s vertically aligned.
  • The second way is to use the mounting holes in the unit with screws.
  • Lastly, you can use those same screw holes and fasten suction cups. It’s that easy! (Suction cups sold separately)   Mount it to your Boat, Garage, Side of your Truck….. ANYWHERE!

Capable of holding spools of line up to 4-3/4″ wide, this system provides a solid center for spooling. Keep one in your boat, attach one in your garage, or keep one in the truck with the suction cup feature! All are convenient locations where the spool stix tiny footprint allows for minimal space requirements with maximum performance!

Comes with 3M VHB Tape.

Dimensions: 6″ L x 3/4″ W x 1″ D

Read More about this product HERE and watch the video demonstration